The Edward Group offers many different types of insurance to suit the various needs of their clients. Whether you need Individual or Group Insurance / Employee Benefits we’ve got you covered.
Click here for a list of the insurance carriers we work with.

Premium Discounts

  • Discounts for State Bar of NM Members.
  • Discounts for MDs and DDS.
  • Discounts for Woman Business Owners.
  • Group Discounts.
  • Good Health Discounts.
  • No Nicotine User Discounts.
  • Large Case Discounts.
  • Multi-Life Case Discounts.
  • Professional’s Discounts.
  • Multi-policy Discounts.
  • Marital Discounts.
  • Employer Sponsored Discounts.

Type and size of discount may vary from State to State and from carrier to carrier and product to product. Please contact us for a face to face interview to determine which discounts are best for you and your situation.

The Edward Group: Interaction

If you ever get a chance to meet us face to face or visit our offices, we hope that you find the experience to be not only professional but warm and accommodating. We most prefer to meet with our clients face to face. However, the world of technology has brought the world to a place and time, which most of business can be conducted via fax, email, the Internet and phone. While The Edward Group likes to leverage these to better serve you. We hope to get to know you better over the years by face to face meetings as well. Regardless of the conduit for interaction please know that we always work hard to serve you the client.

Professional Dress:

Business attire is the preferred style of dress for those who work for The Edward Group. However, we know that you do not necessarily do business because of our tie colors or shoes, but because of our knowledge and the way we treat our clients. It should be noted that we do have casual days and we hope this does not offend our partners and clients. These days usually coincide with days which temperatures exceed 95F degrees, Fridays or any day in which an owner, associate or employee either walks or rides a bicycle to work.

We want our people to be not only happy and comfortable, but sensitive to their health and the environment. By encouraging people to walk or to ride a bike, we feel that they will be more energetic, healthier, and a better steward to our environment. We hope that you share a common bond with us for these goals and values.